What will the platform’s launch give?

Our mid-term goal of the project’s development strategy is to enable people who believed in our idea as the first ones to enjoy as soon as possible profits from the purchase of OpenArtis tokens. In our view this will happen thanks to a few factors. The first one is presented by the chart below.

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It shows a situation when OpenArtis will achieve recognition of its community, as the work on the platform will start immediately after achieving a minimal amount of means we expect to collect. Thanks to this token holders and people interested in buying them will be able to check the project from its very beginning.

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The token’s value will rise, since successively created elements of the platform will increase the value of assets which are parts of the project.

From the beginning of the pre-ICO phase we focus above all on launching the platform which is a basis for further OpenArtis activities to improve global application of cryptocurrencies.

Parallel commercial negotiations with key customers will favor floating recognizable brands on the exchange platform active since 2019.

What confirms the planned activities is providing the users with a full-fledged tool for exchanging their cryptowallet means for real products.

Besides, the users will be able to sell, put up auctions, run their own shops, exchange cryptocurrencies and utilize an array of conveniences, namely the Mass Order system and resources of logistic centers.

Along with a superior mission of the OpenArtis project, there’s also a need to popularize cryptocurrencies and facilitate their application. We’ll create intuitive and cheap tools for this while maintaining highest security standards, which will enable developing one’s own e-commerce business based on this means of payment.

You can join us and buy Openartis Tokens right now.

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