E-Commerce Forecast for Near Future

An increase by about 250% in global e-commerce sales is predicted until 2021.

Forecasts about e-commerce first of all show explicitly that this branch develops very quickly. Contrary to the competition, OpenArtis will make significant expansion possible.

Statistics published by the Statista portal demonstrate that global e-commerce profits will come to $4.88 trillion in 2021 ($2.3 trillion in 2017). It’s good to observe this data, as it shows a very evident trend and also a signal: investing in e-commerce pays off.

Attention should be also devoted to a currently dynamic trend of mobile devices which in three years time will most probably  overtake its current competitor – desktop computers. The OpenArtis platform has an offer here as well – a mobile application. Despite the popularity of browsing products array on mobile devices the trade will also be done on the platform in the ‘traditional’ way.

The boundaries of Internet sales market begin to disappear more and more. The popularity of global services is its best example. According to E-shopper barometer 2017 study, only in Europe 54% consumers declared making online purchases from another country. It should be remembered that most platforms offer limited cryptocurrency payments or don’t support this 

function at all. One of tasks of OpenArtis is to fill this market niche.

To utilize the potential of this channel, four key elements which will enable global shopping in cryptocurrencies are necessary:

1. Secure and efficient payment method

2. Easy and fast transaction

3. Varied forms of buying and selling

4. Different platform shop formats.

Tendencies show the most dynamic growth of e-commerce on the most quickly developing markets. E-commerce is one of the most popular activities online.


Factors which influence growth should be considered when analyzing forecasts about e-commerce. Along with virtual reality, artificial intelligence dealing with customer queries or innovative delivery methods, utilizing secure, fast and cheap money based on blockchain technology will revolutionize transactions on global markets.