We’ve created a platform for selling and buying products and services.

Common acceptance of cryptocurrencies is becoming a reality.

We designed a system which allows shops and individuals to sell and buy merchandise through shops and online auctions using many cryptocurrencies.

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What is OpenArtis?

A global well-organized platform for buying and selling products and services in cryptocurrencies. Users will not be forced to convert fiat currencies into crypto anymore. You decide how to buy goods in the easiest way. Our most valuable goal is to integrate buyers, sellers and cryptocurrency payment availability.

Why the Security Token Offering?

We want to reach above all people interested in cryptocurrencies, people who treat investing seriously and believe that development of projects based on blockchain technology will bring notable benefits in the near future. Investors will be able to trade OpenArtis tokens on the exchange immediately after the end of the token offering phase. Until that time a platform which confirms real development of the project will be created as well. This will speed up return on investment without a need to wait for the project’s launch and the company’s development as in the case of starting work on the project only after the token offering phase completion.

OpenArtis Mobile APP APPS

Thanks to our mobile app shopping in many cryptocurrencies will become faster and more comfortable.

Means of the platform’s users are exchanged only between transaction parties, which guarantees full security. The platform will store neither wallets nor private keys of its users.

The mobile application for Android / iOS / Windows Phone will be created after launching the platform. Its users will be able to manage their cryptocurrency wallets and use all the platform’s functions in a mobile form. Because the application will not store sensitive data, it will ensure full security of users and their resources.

  • Cryptocurrency Payments
  • Selling, Buying (Trade including auctions)
  • Store Management
  • Trading Cryptocurrencies
  • Ordering Withdrawals and Payments
  • Cryptocurrency Multi-Wallet Panagement

The exchange EXCHANGE

A possibility to adapt cryptocurrencies to commercial purposes is the starting point for launching the Openartis platform. The exchange is the main tool for creating a complete system. This function will be introduced in the next step after the platform’s launch. The exchange will give users benefits such as:

Low fees

Free-of-charge cryptocurrency exchange to trade aims



Any currency pair to trade aims is possible


Many cryptocurrencies

Big basket capacity is driven by the willingness to promote many cryptocurrencies. This is to utilize as many cryptocurrencies as possible for payment purposes.

Token Sale TOKEN

The Token will be created based on the Ethereum platform (ERC20). It will be compatible with ETH wallets, for example MyEtherWallet. After completing the ICO, it will enter the stock exchange, it will also become a fully-fledged means of payment on the platform.

Start Private Sell

Sep. 10, 2018 (9:00AM GMT) end Dec. 31, 2018

Number of tokens for sale

21,000,000 Tokens

Start ICO

Jan. 1, 2019 (11:00AM GMT) end Jun. 30, 2019

Tokens exchange rate

1 Token = 1$ (in Private Sell) 4$ (in ICO)

Acceptable currencies

ETH, BTC, PayPal, Credit Card

Minimal transaction amount


Private Sell Ends In
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
25% 50% 100%

of tokens

of proceeds

the Mass Order system MASS ORDER


Mass Order is the latest brainchild of Openartis. With the project’s development, an array of possibilities for large-scale buyers and sellers will increase. The system is meant above all for users who expect additional benefits with a rise in trade volume. This will allow many sellers to place a single big order using a simple and intuitive tool.

Mass orders

Placing a big order by many users with a producer will facilitate logistics and decrease purchase costs. This will translate into competitive product prices.


A possibility to create shopping groups

Another benefit is a possibility for entities to form unions in order to strengthen commercial relationships among the market participants.


Support for mass order process

The Openartis team will include managers for customers who use the Mass Order system. The Openartis support will enable large-scale buyers to implement an expected means of payment accepted by producers, for instance BItcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.


31th October 2018

Start of Private Sell

31st December 2018

Completion of the Private Sell

01 January 2019

Start of Public token sale

Q1 2019

Start of works on the platform (still in the token sale phase)

Q1 2019

Introduction of the token to the stock exchange

Q3 2019

Completion of works on the platform

Q4 2019

Start of works on own (free) cryptocurrency stock exchange

Q2 2020

Completion of works on the Mobile APP

Q3 2020

Establishment of own blockchain to improve the operation of the platform and its own cryptocurrency

Q2 2021

Completion of works on own (free) cryptocurrency stock exchange

Q3 2021

Start of works on the Mass Order system

Q4 2021

Introduction of own cryptocurrency to the stock exchange

Q1 2022

Start of construction of the first of the central warehouses

Q2 2022

Completion of implementation of the Mass Order system

Q2 2023

Completion of construction and opening of the first of warehouses


Development and improvements to the Open Artis platform, mobile APP, cryptocurrency and stock exchange (yet to be decided)

Powered by a Team TEAM

Dev team members share the passion for synergy in trade, finances and marketing. They apply innovations while maintaining data security and customer service comfort. They prove it with experience gained also in these areas.

Marcin Stępniak
PR & Marketing, Board Member
Radosław Hacia
Technology & Innovations, Board Member
Marcin Łukasik
Business Development, Board Member

Supported by ADVISORS

Gustavo Arizpe
Advisor, North and Latin America Marketing, & E-Strategy Management
Oliwia Sitoi
Great Britain and Africa PR & Media Management
Jarosław Szuwarski
Europe Finance & Accounting
Xavier Martinez Vela
Latin And South America PR & Media Management




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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below he have provided a bit of answers for the most commonly asked questions. If you have any others please get in touch using the contact form below.

It's a platform to trade (sell and buy) goods using many cryptocurrencies

The platform will get into full operation in Q2 2019

The basic assumption is to achieve the biggest possible operation area globally as f. e. Amazon, e-Bay, Alibaba. Using many cryptocurrencies will be one of our advantages. This function enables fast and secure transactions at a low cost, which makes the price of goods and services attractive. Apart from thesaurization and speculative function of cryptocurrencies, their innovative application in payments for shopping gives their owners a possibility to use them also as a legal tender.

Much is said about common application, acceptance of cryptocurrencies and positive effects it'll have on the market. OpenArtis is one of the first global ventures aimed for mass acceptance and application of cryptocurrencies. In everyday life, users will be able to make payments only with cryptocurrencies for groceries, clothes, books, cinema tickets, journeys abroad, cars, houses, yachts and so on.

Just buy tokens. For more information visit https://openartis.com/gettoken/

Tokens bought in the ICO phase will become a normal legal tender on the platform. They'll also be introduced to exchanges. A significant rise in their value is predicted in the course of taking consecutive ambitious steps which the OpenArtis dev team plans.

We understand new developments in the application of modern payment methods. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies (BTC or Altcoins) by any of existing trade portals can only prove the right direction chosen by Openartis. Currently common solutions used for years are based on FIAT currencies, but it’s not a problem for new online platforms/shops. It will look alike in the case of implementing cryptocurrencies for similar aims.

We plan to introduce minimal formal requirements for establishing a shop and make available a payment channel in many cryptocurrencies as well as a possibility to convert FIAT currencies to cryptocurrencies. Besides, our Mass Order system and logistic chain will contribute to lower goods purchase prices for sellers and lower costs of goods distribution.

The users will have the best offers on the market, as the platform will make possible the reduction of costs incurred by sellers. The latter will be able to sell their goods at lower prices. Moreover, the platform allows secure transactions without payment intermediaries.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

email- info@openartis.com

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